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The dream at TMS is to create communities where children get the support they need to dream big and build extraordinary lives, permanently breaking the cycle of poverty. We do that by partnering with groups that already exist in disadvantaged areas, beginning with Cape Town South Africa, to support sustainable change and community education and involvement.

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Tummies, Minds, & Spirits will holistically transform lives by providing learners with the necessary psycho-social skills to achieve their absolute best.”
-Rochelle Forrest

Restorative Healing + Therapeutic Group Work!

Child victims of violence have an increased risk of delinquency and engaging in criminal and violent behavior.

Female victims of violence exhibit risky behavior, including child neglect.

Male victims of violence exhibit tendencies towards becoming perpetrators.

This reinforces the message that violence is a learned behavior.

Restorative Healing Group work addresses inter-generational violence enabling people to make responsible life choices.

You can help end the cycle of violence. Invest in South Africa.

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gender based violence

Our past does not have to equal our future.

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We realize that this is a work in progress and that what appears perfect in theory can fall apart in practice. The only guarantee we can give is that we are committed to the success of the project. We have the right teams in place, in the United States and in South Africa. We are not the owners of this change, but the custodians and drivers of it, and are willing to work with whatever other partners might come along; we are open to what they can bring on board as long as they share our vision and commitment.

We roll out from here.

We are a collective of like-minded people with the same objectives: working towards alleviating poverty through education.

We apply the Business for Development Model (B4D) ensuring that we are sustainable and are able to fund NGO’s around the world.

We have partnered with a variety of trail-blazers and willingly utilize their experience to realize our vision.

We have created a viable and creditable platform for others to be part of the solution.

We are enabling people to be the change they want to see in the world.