Shelly and Her Friends

Shelly and her friends, in a variety of books, have at the core the following:

  1. We are all unique, with time, talent, and treasure to share.  What can you share?
  2. We all have a purpose in God’s plan we must work to fulfill.  Follow your passion to find your purpose.
  3. We all need a team to help us along the way.  Who do you want on your team?
  4. We all are beautiful by being who we are.  What’s your beauty?
  5. We all can inspire others along the way.  What inspires you?
  6. We all are connected to the Earth and each other.  How are you connected?
  7. We all get to choose what’s really important to us.  What are you dedicated to that’s important?
  8. We all can give back to others and be of service.  What can you give?
  9. We all will change and grow over time.  How have you changed and grown?
  10. We all are on an adventure of exploration and discovery?  What will you be exploring next?

Shelly and her friends have a song about the Circle of Light

This has been translated into 10 languages as the pre-cursor to the book being translated.

We are in talks with an international publisher to this effect.

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